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​黒電話 Kurodenwa


Principal use

Bar, Restaurant




Shibuya, Japan




Jumpei SHIRAI, Takumi NAGAI

Neo nostalgic design

Remembering nostalgic designed bar/restaurant, old fashioned things are ornamented in space.  Nostalgic museum is easy inspiring, but we intended to design as a space. What gives us inspiration of "nostalgy"?

This pub can enter by calling the old Japanese Kuro-denwa (black phone). This pub is a device to experience the old Japanese gadget.

Today, we still see voice call application icon of "receiver". Some icons are exactly like a telephone set. Children without experiencing will no longer having meaning of "telephone set logo", just like a brief case logo for "file" on desktop bar. 

Colorful lighting interior gives extraordinary space experience, different to the identical streetlamp in front. The color jumps in your eyes as if you entered a travelling fair. And seeing the detail of the light, you will find out it is a collection of 4 color bouncy balls. It is designed to become random, with no same color aligned for 3 times. The logic of random can be seen by distance.

Smartphones and displays are becoming more high resolution today. 4K, 8K, 16K....even more in the future. But remember color CRT monitor? It was mass dots of three primary colors of light with screen noise. We knew the dots were the origin of information displayed on monitor. This interior design is a brand-new collection of analog billboard technology. You can find the solid unit of light in the detail of lighting equipment.

This design is to extract the experience of nostalgic light into space.

レトロの再解釈 「レトロな飲食店をデザインしてほしい」







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